Friday, March 25, 2011

Jon Stewart - A Poem.

Disclaimer: I am allowed to be silly on this blog. We are all allowed to be silly. The world needs more silliness.
Jon Stewart you are like,
The best person ever.

You take the most obvious truths,
And the most obscure ones,
And make them so funny -

And I love watching you talk to conservatives -
And they are speechless,
And it feels SO DAMN GOOD.

And Jon Stewart,
You are so adorable.
And attractive.
And funny.
And did I mention attractive?
Because nothing is more attractive than a guy that is funny.
And so sincere.
And so really a Really Good Guy
And you give all us liberals a Good Good Name
Because there are some stupid liberals out there
Who do not know why they think what they think --
But you aren't one of them.
You are fucking brilliant.

And I am so glad I spent the money,
To go to the Rally to Restore Sanity,
Because that was something I believed in,
It represented me -
And you made it possible.

And I fucking love you, Jon Stewart.
You remind me how not alone I am.

And today I voted for you at the Museum of Jewish American History
To have your own video in the hall of notables
Because you are seriously the greatest Jew ever
And maybe the best person ever.
:) :) :)


Anonymous said...

Does it irk you that he's part of a monotheistic religion, and embraces it?

Robin Marie said...

That is a good question! First, Jon Stewart's religious views are definitely not my own; and the times he has made comments which suggests he thinks atheists are a bit silly, or arrogant, or something to that degree, are some of the very few times where I find myself in clear disagreement with him.

But because he has the type of belief which does not lead him to doing and supporting things which I think hurt my country -- ie, opposing gay rights, opposing women's rights, spreading fear & ignorance about Muslims -- my discomfort is mostly intellectual, and not as passionately ethical as is my disagreement with evangelical Christians and fundamentalists.

So yes, it irks me; but no one's perfect! (Not to suggest that a correlation with my views on all issues equals perfection, but you get the idea :)).